Nicky C.
Posted on 26th October 2011
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This is my story, just a bit of motivation.

Ever since high school started, I never played it safe. I never let the fear of embarrassment stop me from doing what I loved. When I was a tiny little niner, I tried out for my school’s hip-hop dance crew among many older, much bigger kids. Yeah, it was intimidating, but I was really eager to learn knew things. Humiliation was something I was afraid of, but not enough to stop me from trying. Two years have passed, and I now lead that dance group. Not only have I taken over as leader of the group I was so scared to try out for, but I also pursued my passion for dance outside of school. I’ve met many people through dance; most of which helped me get where I am as a dancer today. I developed more styles of dancing than I ever thought I could, and it’s all thanks to these people. With every day that passed by, my constant practicing allowed me to progress. I knew this was something I wanted more than anything else because I had never devoted so much time into anything. In time, my skills allowed me to join my current dance crew, Reverb. Since grade 9, my confidence, people skills, leadership skills, and skills as a dancer have improved. Thinking back, I realize none of this would have ever happened if I hadn’t tried out for the group. I never avoided embarrassment if I knew it meant achieving a goal in mind. Now I’m an overall more confident person, and I don’t even worry about embarrassing myself anymore. Take every opportunity life throws at you, because you’ll never know where it will get you. A tiny bit of embarrassment is a small price to pay when weighed against changing your future for the better. 

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    Dance is what consumes us all and makes us amazing, Nicky. I’m proud.
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